Fall Protection

To find available fall protection gear, please Download Our Catalog and call us at (317) 423-7724 to place an order.

Safety is the topmost priority in many field jobs and to ensure the safety of the workers, you need to equip them with proper gear. With deftly-designed fall protection gear, it is possible to curtail the dangers to a great extent. State Safety gives you advanced gear that comes with a cutting-edge mechanism. It is loaded with all the features that give unfailing protection to the wearer.

The non-belted harness provides a steady grip on your body and helps in maintaining balance in high altitudes. The other features include a tongue buckle leg, quick connect chest, 1-d ring, and suspension relief system. All in all, it protects the wearer from all types of contingencies and makes the workplace safer. It is the perfect fall protection gear that you seek for your field team.

The product has been tested multiple times and it oversteps your expectations on all fronts. While ensuring safety, it also delivers comfort and ease of wearing and removing. It emerges as the reliable choice for all the people who are exposed to a number of dangers. It’s a perfect choice for people who work on construction sites and similar places. It gives high performance, durability, and ease.

Using the fall protection non-belted harness from State Safety, you’ll bring prudence and protection to your job site. It provides a sure-fire mechanism that safeguards your workers from many contingencies. At the same time, it becomes affordable considering all the features and build. Make your workplace safer with this today.

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