APRON 24″”X48″” 100% COTTON BIB 9OZ FR7A

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Commercial kitchens that churn out hundreds of elaborate dishes daily need to be geared really well. Besides maintaining a fully-functional kitchen, hotels and restaurants also need to equip their chefs with proper outfits. The Cotton Bib Apron by State Safety ensures that professional culinarians remain safe and clean. The 24”x48” outfit comes with 9 oz green flame retardant material. It is washable and offers protection from light-duty welding, light sparks, and sudden flames.

Loaded with so many ergonomic features, this vestment helps commercial cooks achieve full efficacy in their job. It gives them a thorough aegis from many perils that beget from heavy-duty burners. With this outfit, every kitchen can provide thorough safety by setting a precautionary environment. This feature-laden attire fulfills all the requirements and keeps cooks unaffected by heat and many other risks. It enables them to cook with all their might and skills while keeping all the perils at bay.

• 9 oz. green flame retardant bib apron
• 24″ x 48″
• Made from flame retardant, washable, 1005 cotton Westex FR7A
• Offers protection from sudden flame exposure, light sparks, and light duty welding

Flame Retardant Disclaimer
Flame retardant cotton garments are to be used for light duty welding only, must be kept clean to insure protection.

State Safety and Compliance
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