Safety Gloves

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There are ample jobs that expose your hands to countless dangers. From welding to automotive, glass manufacturing, metalwork, furniture, and any sort of cutting or mechanical work, there are many jobs that leave your hands vulnerable. With high-quality Safety Gloves, you will greatly reduce the possibility of accidents. State Safety provides innovative gloves that provide the security you need to protect your hands with various job types.

Made with heavy-duty material and laden with cutting-edge features, these gloves provide you with a great deal of protection. They come with a number of features like cut resistance, rigid coating, abrasion resistance, cut-proof, and breathable fabric. While helping ensure safety, they also deliver unmatched comfort so you can wear them easily for hours of work.

All our hand protection gloves go through various quality checks before they reach customers.  They provide added security and keep you ready for all types of challenges that you face in your workshop on a daily basis. With them, you make your workplace much safer.

So if you are a factory worker or owner, equip yourself with these pioneering hand accessories.

State Safety and Compliance
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