Eyewash Station – 16 oz single bottle eyewash, PER EACH

Eyewash Station – 16 oz single bottle eyewash, PER EACH

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Wall mounted personal eyewash that can be used for immediate flushing of eyes in an emergency, until the injured person can be helped to a proper eyewash station.

There are many types of field jobs that expose our eyes to numerous risks. And sometimes, we forget to take due caution and hurt our eyes inadvertently. The Eyewash Station from State Safety is a single-bottle eyewash that gives instant relief to your eyes under such circumstances. This ophthalmic solution is made with purified water and gives preliminary care to the injured one.

Eyes are very sensitive and that’s why they need prompt and proper attention when hurt. Industrial chemicals, smoke, and dust can damage these precious organs if they’re not tended well in a case of exigency. This product is the effective nostrum that will protect your eyes from all the perilous possibilities. It gives you proper care unless you take yourself to a facility and get your eyes checked.

It prepares your workspace for the worst-case scenario and becomes an indispensable part of first aid. With this product, you make your small, medium, and big establishment a safer place to be. You ensure instant and prudent care for your employees with this effective solution. It’s a lightweight bottle that can be kept anywhere and you can easily squeeze the liquid from it. It makes your workspace more reliable.

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Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 6 in
State Safety and Compliance
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