Eyewash Station – Double Station 2 – 16oz bottles, PER EACH

Eyewash Stations – Double Station 2 – 16oz bottles, PER EACH

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Wall mounted personal eyewash that can be used for immediate flushing of eyes in an emergency, until the injured person can be helped to a proper eyewash stations. 2 – 16oz bottles.

Eyes are highly sensitive and there are many jobs that leave them exposed to dangers. As we all understand, accidents happen out of the blue and it is best that you be ready for every possibility. The Eyewash Station Double Station Bottles are made for all such workplaces. The wall-mounted personal eyewash is made for immediate flushing of the eyes. It brings prompt relief to the eyes of the affected person and helps them till the time they reach an eye expert.

The 16oz bottles give you a solution made with purified water. It is a 98.3% ophthalmic solution and does a great job of bringing solace to the injured. With a little squeeze, you can easily get the gush of the liquid out of the bottle. Furthermore, it comes with a holder pack that keeps the bottles easy to use and handy. It gives you better care no matter how your eyes got affected.

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Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 6 in
State Safety and Compliance
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