Eyewash Station REFILL -32 oz refill, PER EACH

Eyewash Station REFILL -32 oz refill, PER EACH

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Eyewash that can be used for immediate flushing of eyes in an emergency.

Delivers sterile, isotonic, buffered relief in seconds.

Eyecare is important for everyone and it especially becomes very crucial in factories and industrial workplaces. That’s because there are various jobs that expose this sensitive organ to many perils. The Eyewash Station Refill is an effective solution in cases of emergency. It gives instant relief to eyes when they’ve just got affected by chemicals or heat.

Made with purified water, this 98.3% ophthalmic solution delivers isotonic, sterile, and buffered relief in just a few seconds. With this effective solution, you get instant solace from excruciating pain. It also takes care of your eyes till the time you reach a doctor. It makes preliminary eye care very easy and fruitful for the user. It becomes the best solution for various workplaces where employees are often subjected to dangers.

It brings relief to you and alleviates the pain as well. It is a must-have in the first-aid kid of mechanical workshops, labs, and industrial units.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 6 in


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