SAFETY GOGGLES: Pyramex Safety Capstone G604T2 Chem Splash-Clear Anti-Fog-2 Straps – Pair


SAFETY GOGGLES : Chemical Splash, Clear, Anti-Fog,-2 Straps; Pyramex Safety Capstone G604T2

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Eyes are precious and they are often exposed to numerous perils in various jobs. From scientific experiments and tests to mechanical tasks like welding, metal cutting, and glass-making. There are many workplaces that leave your eyes vulnerable. And in order to protect them well, you need to have perfect gear too. The Pyramex Safety Capstone Splash-Clear Anti-Fog Safety Goggles by State Safety give unmatched protection to your eyes.

They ward your eyes from chemical splashes, harmful smoke, spark, etc.  Made with high-quality material and laden with ergonomic features, these goggles give you full protection. They cover your eyes fully and do not cause any impediment in vision or discomfort. The adjustable and stretchable strap allows the wearer to tweak the tightness as per the comfort level.

With this intelligent product, you do away with all the risks and embrace a safer work environment. It’s an essential accessory for professionals of various domains.

State Safety and Compliance
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