Neck Shade – High Visibility Hard Hat Neck Shade


Neck Shade – High Visibility Hard Hat Neck Shade

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When you’re on a field job, your whole body gets exposed to heat, dust, and many other odds. And it’s important to be prudent and to use gear that gives total protection to your body. The High Visibility Hard Hat Neck Shade offers shade protection and cooling relief to the wearer. Furthermore, it fits all hard hats, bumps caps, and baseball caps. It comes with all the features that outdoor employees seek from safety gear.

It ensures that you are safeguarded from harsh winds and many other odds prevalent in such workplaces. At the same time, the neon color helps in raising the visibility of the wearer. The heavy-duty mesh does a great job of keeping the inside airy. It is the go-to ergonomic add-on that you can have with your hard hat. Wearing this accouterment, it is possible to remain comfy while being productive at work.

It also saves the wearer from many adverse skin problems that one can face with stark exposure to sun and dust. It is an FR-treated product that delivers high performance for a very long time. Also, it is the best neck shade for all the professionals engaged in field jobs.

One Size Fits All FR Treated

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