2- Layer Cotton Twill/ Fleece Winter Liner W/ FR Treated Outer Shell- Shoulder Length – Each


Winter liner for hard hat:  2 layer cotton/ twill fleece

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Every season comes with its own health woes. Winter, in particular, comes with so many challenges, and to face them, you need to be clad well. The 2-Layer Cotton Twill/Fleece Winter Liner gears you up for the harsh winds and frosting temperatures. It gives full coverage to your head, ears, and neck. The velcro fastener ensures that the cloth remains sturdy and withstands extreme gushes of wind too.

All the features of this product make it perfect for people who have to take care of field jobs in the winter season. It is flame retardant on the outside, fitted with an insulated ear barrier, has a silver reflective strip, and is made to fit everyone. It helps you get thorough protection from inclement weather in the coldest regions. It ensures that the wintry airstream doesn’t make its way into your body.

It provides a reliable protective covering and makes you ready for everything.

Ideal for use in cold weather work conditions such as construction, word work, refineries, oil drilling, maintenance, mining, etc.

  • 2 layer cotton twill/fleece
  • Flame retardant treatment on outer shell
  • FR treatment is removed with one wash
  • Shoulder length
  • Insulated ear barrier
  • Silver reflective strip
  • One size fits most

State Safety and Compliance
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