Visor – One Size Fits All Steel Wire Mesh Visor, PER EACH

Visor – One Size Fits All Steel Wire Mesh Visor, PER EACH

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Optimal face protection for landscaping, brush clearing and trimming. Headgear is not included. Always wear approved eye protection in conjunction with face protection products.

You can’t be really efficient on certain mechanical and field jobs unless you’re equipped well. The heavy-duty and feature-loaded visor is the go-to choice for every professional working in factories, workshops, and open sites. It’s a one size fits all product that is compatible with headgear of all sizes and types. It ensures that your eyes are thoroughly protected from sparks, dust, and all the other perils in such hazardous workplaces.

Made with heavy-duty steel wire mesh, this visor delivers foolproof protection to your precious eyes. It ascertains that you embrace a 100% safe working environment that rules out all chances of accidents. At the same time, it can be installed effortlessly in a flash. The mesh gives you high performance and comes with a long life too. It becomes a perfect fitment for eye protection gear and helps you feel safe while working with metals, glass, and chemicals.

This is the perfect accouterment that ensures the total safety of your place. It gives you uncompromised shielding while keeping the vision wholly clear. Whether you’re welding, cutting, shaping, or cleaning, this accessory gives you proper care and efficiency in your work. It keeps you one step ahead in achieving excellence and safety at workspaces.

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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
State Safety and Compliance
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