Inlet assy for PTC regulator, Advantage 4000


Inlet Assy for push-to-connect regulator for Advantage 4000 face pieces

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Push to connect cartridge adapter assembly for Advantage 4000 face pieces.

Respiratory masks are essential for a number of tasks that are carried out in a hazardous environment. And in order to maintain their efficacy, you need to furnish them with high-end accouterments from time to time. State Safety gives you Inlet Assy for PTC Regulator for a push-to-connect regulator for Advantage 4000 face pieces. This piece of equipment is specifically built for this particular model and ensures its flawless functionality.

This custom-built gear keeps your reliable respiratory mask perfectly up and running for a long time. It is also very easy to install and does not require any professional assistance. The impeccable design of this add-on keeps your device active and utile. It has been made with heavy-duty material and is crafted to be robust too. It keeps the whole operation of the respirator absolutely immaculate and beneficial for the users.

Its installation takes just a few minutes and it comes with a slew of advantages too. It keeps breathing easy and renders the mask useful for a great duration. With this product, you are able to stay healthy even when you’re exposed to hazardous environments. State Safety makes it possible with a conducive build that paves the way for safe and salubrious workplaces.

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