KNEE PADS – KneePro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads, PER PAIR

KNEE PADS – KneePro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads, PER PAIR

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Your knee is the most pivotal joint in your leg. If anything happens to this body part, it directly impacts your ability to walk. And there are many activities that expose your knees to various perils. State Safety gives you KneePro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads that give you peerless protection. With this advanced fitment, you are able to face all the adventures and dangers.

This smart accessory comes with an advanced mechanism that protects your knees while giving it proper movement. It gives you safety that is beyond comparison with a sturdy build and excellent features. The heavy-duty material puts up with harsh blows while being intact. It prepares you for all types of challenges you might in certain industrial jobs and adventurous journeys.

Once you have donned this accessory, you’re more than prepared to face any sort of challenge. Not only it provides a solid bulwark to your knees but it also gives you comfort and feasibility. At the same time, it helps you move about with full alacrity and ease. It provides you safety, strength, and convenience at the same time. Wear this high-utility accessory that keeps your knees snug as well as safe. It’s a smart and salutary choice for every field worker.

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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in
State Safety and Compliance
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