HARNESS – 7080B Non-Belted Harness, PER EACH


HARNESS – 7080B Non-Belted Harness, PER EACH

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7080B Non-Belted Harness Advanced ComforTech Gel Harness with Suspension Trauma Relief System, Non-belted 1-D-ring, Back, Quick Connect Chest, Tongue Buckle Leg. PICK SIZE

Safety is the most cardinal aspect of every field job. Especially in places where professionals have to tackle tasks at a great altitude, you need to take care of vigilance more than anything. State Safety gives you 7080B Non-Belted Harness that helps businesses achieve 100% safeguarding of their employees. With this product, not only do they embrace a safe environment, but they also maintain high efficacy in their jobs. They execute the trickiest tasks on extreme heights with exceptional ease.

This product is accoutered with all the sought-after features like a suspension trauma relief system, leg pick-sized tongue buckle, non-belted 1-D ring, and quick connect chest, and back. It braces the wearer’s body with proper support and enables them to do their job quite efficiently. This savvy gear readies the wearer to face the most perilous work conditions with ease. It gives them comfort and confidence to face all the challenges in high-altitude jobs effortlessly.

Wearing this vestment, it is possible for every business to protect their valuable employees in risky workplaces. It keeps them protected, prudent, and productive. Furthermore, it is very easy to use and gives you proper bracing from all sides. Through this belted harness, the safety of the team will never be compromised.

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