GAITERS – ANSI 107 Class E Two-Tone Mesh Gaiters. PER PAIR


GAITERS – ANSI 107 Class E Two-Tone Mesh Gaiters. PER PAIR

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There’s no limit to being cautious at work. With a number of purpose-built vestures, you ensure the safety of different body parts. As a result, you minimize the chances of casualties and let your workers give their best irrespective of the weather or outer conditions. State Safety gives you ANSI 107 Class E Two-Tone Mesh Gaiters that give an unmatched bulwark to the lower leg of the wearer.

It is helpful especially in winter and in places where you have to deal with mud or shallow water on the surface. It prevents the water from reaching the upper part of the leg and keeps the wearer comfortable too. With this outfit, you enable your team to work efficiently in harsh weather and circumstances. Also, you bring the best out of them and enable them to perform in the best possible manner.

By preventing water and wetness, this product also keeps the wearers from falling sick. It keeps their legs dry while bringing convenience to their work. With a smart build and striking features, this accessory takes care of your team and consequently the job. This pair of gaiters help them attain total efficacy while maintaining good health. State Safety makes it possible for every business and individual.

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Dimensions 14 × 11 × 3 in
State Safety and Compliance
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