Cotton face mask, 12/bag


Face Mask:  Cotton, 12 in a bag.

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Protection from germs has become totally crucial since the outbreak of the pandemic. Though the fear of coronavirus is nearly terminated, the fear of pathogens and harmful aerial particles still remains because of all the logical reasons. The Cotton Face Mask from State Safety helps you embrace safe living to the fullest. It enables you to breathe fresh and pure air that does not have any contaminants.

Every feature of this face mask makes it a must-have for all health-conscious people. It is made with 100% knitted 2-ply cotton and is very comfortable to wear. It totally covers the nose and mouth while being fire resistant and 6 inches long. The tubular design allows the wearer to slip the mask over the head without ties. It delivers protection, comfort, and good health to people. With this smart solution, your life becomes safer and healthier.

It is a must-have personal care accessory that gives you thorough safety and wholesome life.

Key Features:-

Made from 100% knitted cotton, 2-ply
• Tubular design allows user to slip mask over
head without ties to secure it to face
• Comfortable to wear
• Covers nose and mouth
• Approximately 6″ long
• Not fire resistant

State Safety and Compliance
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