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FREEZER POPS – Variety Pack freezer pops, PER PACK


FREEZER POPS – Variety Pack freezer pops, PER PACK

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What could be more enthralling than a delicious and healthy bonbon after an intense workout or sports session? The Freezer Pops by State Safety makes it happens. Abounding with the goodness of vitamins, electrolytes, and potassium, these tarts are perfect for giving you a delicious and healthy treat. They please your palate with a toothsome taste and make you relish every bite. They become essential for every sportsperson and fitness enthusiast.

They give healthful merits to your body and help you meet all your goals. With these sweet treats, you give much-needed nutrition to your body. After including this supplement in your health regime, you won’t be needing any other stuff. It will nourish your body with all the major nutrients so you’re already ready to clinch the next level in the sports/fitness journey. It is a must-have for all those individuals who want to embrace fitness while treating their taste buds with delicious taste.

144 freezer pops per pack!

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Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
State Safety and Compliance
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