LABCOAT micro w/2pkts & snaps (30/Case) – 4XL SIZE


Includes 1 case of 30 Lab Coats; 2 pockets, Snaps; 4XL size available.

Only 2 left in stock


To become proficient in laboratory or research work, it is important to equip with the right gear. The Labcoat from State Safety delivers all the features that you seek from this bespoke vestment. Made with high-quality material and furnished with excellent features, this accessory excels your expectations totally. A single case will include 30 coats of 4xl size and they’ll be fitted with 2 pockets and snaps too.

Wearing this accessory, you will be able to feel all the comfort while tackling different things. It enables you to achieve perfection and proficiency while keeping you safe at work. The outfit has been forged to withstand all the odds that researchers and lab professionals often come across. It definitely makes your workspace better and becomes a preferred pick for you. Donning this vestment, you would be able to attain thorough competence in your work.

It is labcoat easy to wear and remove and it safeguards you from all types of elements that could be harmful to you. The overall aspects make this labcoat a perfect outfit for people who want to execute their jobs with deftness and shielding from danger. It will pave way for every lab/research worker to attain fruitfulness and feasibility.

State Safety and Compliance
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