Triangles & Flares

Magnetic Mounting Clip, ABS Plastic, Fits Any E-Flare, F Lime

Attaches to any E-Flare beacon for use on all smooth surfaces


Cortina Triangle Warning Kit

Motorist safety warning kit contains 3 warning triangles. Weighted base ensures triangle will not be moved by passing traffic. Includes a hinged HDPE case.


Magnetic Base Mount for All E-Flare Beacons, Black

Combined magnetic base and cap. Can be used with any E-Flare beacon


22 in Flash Baton with Audible Signal

Economical battery operated baton or light wand uses bright LEDs to identify hazardous conditions or dangerous areas. User can switch from red flashing light to red steady light. An audible alarm version is also available. Ideal for police, firefighters, airport workers, traffic controllers, parking valets, construction workers and other public safety personnel.